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Mittens, a timeless accessory adored by some, a mystery to others! But if you're a modern soul, glued to your phone even in chilly weather, these lavender mittens are your perfect match! 😍🌿

Stay cozy and connected during cold, windy days with these fingerless wonders. Your hands will be warm, protected from gusts of wind, and you can effortlessly control your phone with open fingers. 📲🌬️

Fingerless gloves have been around since ancient times, and today, they prove to be a game-changer in our fast-paced world. Embrace their versatility and let lavender-infused style accompany you on every adventure! 🧤🌟


Crafted with the utmost care, these gloves are made from luxurious British wool (100% wool). High quality wool provides exceptional warmth. strength and durability. This yarn guarantees softness and velvety, allowing you to enjoy maximum comfort throughout the day.


Two pairs of bright yellow gloves available

Fingerless gloves

  • Machine washable at 30°C. Dry cleaning possible.
    Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.

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